Attention all dread heads and dread dreamers, your favorite hair salon  (ahem….Voodoo Hair Lounge) is now officially your go-to locale for the dreadlocks you’ve always wanted. Our resident dread stylists have opened their schedules (and hearts) for all your dreadlocks needs. Whether it be a simple re-working/tightening of your present locks, a fancy styling of your already-rockin dreads, or a full-scale dreadlocks creation, we’ve got you covered. Below is a bit of information on the style that transcends time, space, and lifestyle.

What the hell are dreadlocks?!?? If you’ve been living under an actual rock for the majority of your lifetime and have somehow missed the trend, here is a link below that will answer this question for you.

Dread Maintenance
Here’s looking at you miss “I toured all summer with Cheese and now my dreads look like a live animal.” Sometimes life gets a little crazy and the self tidying gets too tricky to keep up with. This service helps get you and your dreads looking fine once again with the artistic hand (and patience) of a pro.
Dread Creation
You’ve seen ‘em, you need ‘em, let’s do this. We’re guessing you have a specific image in your brain of what you’d like these locks to look like right? Sometimes hair is long enough to make your dread dreams a reality and sometimes (a lot of times) it just isn’t. Before you break down and weep over the style that never was, consider extensions. Yes, hair extensions. Not everyone with extensions roams the world of Beverly Hills with a dog in their purse. Extensions are a healthy and totally awesome way to achieve the dread look you crave.
Dread Styling
Knots and twists and all the frivolity  you’ve ever wanted from your locks in an upstyle.
Dread Felting 
This fun trend can be applied on a full head of dreads OR just a few in the old-fashioned non-dreaded hair. Totally up to you! How this works is your hair is dreaded then felted of there top like a sheath. Word to the wise, this is permanent and will need to be grown or cut out should you change your mind (kinda like those spring break hair wraps you got on a whim….)
These services aren’t for the faint of heart so each hour of time will cost you roughly $85 per hour plus the cost of product (e.g. extensions, felt etc.) should you need it. This is all determined  during your one-on-one education consultation as to avoid surprises and keep the involved parties on the same page. Consultations  need to be scheduled in advance so please call (303) 449-4453 to book yours when you’re ready!