Colorado gals have the good fortune of rocking a low-key style routine. A wash of the face, a swipe of mascara, and maybe a brushing of the hair if the spare moments between yoga and smoothie making allow. However, there are a few key points to help rock a classic look while maintaining the natural appearance. These points include but are not limited to, regular haircuts (boulderhairsalon.com,) the aforementioned face washing, and a good ole fashioned eyebrow waxing. Ladies, nothing shapes a face quite as nicely as an brow wax. This fantastic snippet of advice will probably change the entire course of your life. Yes, true story. Let’s examine a few examples of folks who have crossed over to the other side of this grooming must.

example 1: Jane of the Jungle

EyebrowShape Before and After

This before picture suggests “I’ve really enjoyed my stay in the Amazon these last few years.” While there is something to be said for adventurers and their   resulting aesthetic, there is also a time and a place. No act of the universe took place here to bring this girl back to civilization, oh no, merely the skilled  hands of a professional esthetician and her inspired vision. A little wax, an appropriately formulated tint, and a smidgen of time were all it took to transform this jungle explorer into the dashing professional she is today.

example 2: Less is More…Sometimes

Eyebrow Styling

Sometimes life  gets a little crazy. The 1990′s and early 2000′s were a truly tricky time for us all style-wise….so much body glitter so little time! Gwen Stefani is no stranger to A-list style reviews but even this Tragic Kingdom princess can have her rough patches.  Please note the pencil-thin, unnaturally elongated eyebrows in the before shot. Those bad boys most certainly reflect a babe who’s doin’ hard time.  Eyebrows are your friends and deserve the respect you show the rest of your face.  Eyebrow tinting, a skilled eyebrow waxing, and lot’s of time and patience were the factors that took Gwen’s prison inmate look to the red carpet. Contact your local style guru if you find yourself walking the thin line of the eyebrow. Selfies should not resemble mug shots…It’s not too late!

example 3: The Illusionist

Voodoo Hair Lounge Eyebrow Makeover

Now, some gals out there are not blessed with overgrown weeds for eyebrows and have the opposite problem, not enough brows or very blonde nearly invisible brows. This is perhaps the most common white-girl beauty complaint on the streets these days but luckily it is not one without solution. This lovely blue-eyed fox simply needs a good tint (of an appropriate shade,)minimal waxing, and a bit of brow filling afterward. The first two steps are ones to be handled by a professional, but the filling is an easy step for your bathroom mirror session at home. Benefit is the ring leader when it comes to balancing the brow act, but a simple liner pencil or shadow can work just as well with a little practice.

Simply put, your eyebrows are the headliners for your many expressions. They reveal more about you than any clever t-shirt or sparkly lip gloss could ever dream.  While it may seem overwhelming at first, they can be tamed to do your bidding. If you find yourself suffering from any of the previous brow maladies, please call (303) 449- 4453 for an eyebrow intervention.