Stepping Out of the BoxIt happens to the best of us. One minute you’re on top of the trends and your attitude and style are kicking ass left and right. Then all of the sudden seasons have come and gone and your find yourself waking up with the “Rachel “ cut of 1998. You ask yourself, “ What happened? Who am I? How the hell do I get myself back?” The following are a few ways to light a fire under the ass of your style slump.

1)   Chop your bangs not your confidence

Don’t want to take the leap and chop your locks? Just cut a third off instead. A drastic change doesn’t need to be a high-top fade or blue hair.

2)  Etsy-

The brilliant little site can make you realize what you’ve been missing all along is a crochet hat with an eagle on it to complete your look. Or that the pink headband you’ve had since the third grade might need an update with some hot glued gems, and a few feathers.

3)   Purple today, blue tomorrow

Pink hair sounds enticing until you realize perhaps that job interview you have tomorrow might not be the best place to unveil your fun impulsive side. Solution, Kevin Murphy Color Bugs. These guys come in Neon, White, Pink, Purple, and Orange and allow you to take your crazy out for a night on the town, and wash it all away the  next day.

4) Set it free!

Ponytails and two second buns are easy and quick, but your locks need some breathing room every once in awhile. So stop restricting them and let that main of yours wave free every now and then. Keep Unite’s Beach Day or Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort in your bag for an always flawless let down.

5) Freshen up those duds on a dime… style rules were made to be broken (and then set on fire)

Keep in mind, it is the year 2013. In absolute seriousness, all bets are off and the runway is no exception…. Anything (and we mean anything) goes. Do you want to rock your mom jeans, an old Steely Dan tee, a blazer (shoulder pads included) aaand a Native American Headdress? Do. It. Up. A simple perusing of contemporary designer lookbooks will show you just how eclectic you can really be. Got bleach stains on a once-cool pair of pants? Splatter on more and chop off the legs. Boom! New rockin’ shorts! Hate shorts? Throw a pair of tights underneath.

6) Roots are sexy! Bad highlights are not….

Spend more to spend less is the phrase that pays this season ( and every season). If you think that beauty school Betty at hair-for-less is going to give you a bitchin’ change you can rock for the long haul, you are kidding yourself! A professional service with an experienced stylist is something of value. She can lead you toward a fresh set of highlights and blend them in perfect harmony. Roots aren’t just for Lohan’s anymore.

7) Put a razor on it

Age be damned! You are never too old (or too lame) to shave part (or all) of your head! Every girl should experience the liberty of clippers to the scalp at least once in her life… it keeps her honest. Whether you choose ½, 1/3, ¼, or the whole shebang is up to you, but a partial blade-job can take you from your walk about to the office in one fell parting swoop. Impress your pals, keep your day job (and families respect) all at once. The impossible can be done!

8) Ditch the Crocs

No matter the style, occasion, or marital status, crocs are unacceptable and no self-respecting babe should be caught dead in them. The only use for these unflattering shoes is to plant some seeds and toss ‘em in your yard. Up-cycling is sooo hot this year.

In conclusion, all is not lost. Everyone loves a redemption story. So consider this spring your time to turn it around. The old can be new again, nerds are in, and Lisa Frank is making her much anticipated comeback. Fear not and get creative… no one that matters cares anyway.