Voodoo Hair Lounge - Wake of the FloodWhile scurrying around Voodoo Hair Lounge readying the space and crew for the fundraiser to end all fundraisers, a series of thoughts flooded our ‘lil planning brains. The primary and most daunting was, “Dear God, what if no one comes? What if these endless hours of preparation have been an absolute waste?” Lucky for everyone, those thoughts of miserable skepticism were laid to rest the moment our doors opened. 7:00 pm rolled around Saturday October 19th and the place roared with the sweet sounds of our community’s finest stepping out for the cause. Thus began an evening of epic entertainment and even more epic giving.

Wake of the Flood - Boulder BenefitKahlie Sue Pinello (resident of Lyons and previous featured artist at Voodoo) auctioned off all of her fantastic art guitars and donated 100% of the proceeds to the rebuilding of the Lyons Fork Restaurant and Spirit Hound Distillery. The rest of the auction items included over $1000 in Voodoo Hair Lounge services, gifts from Common Era and The Cup, gift cards from Buffalo Exchange & Alpine Animal Hospital & Chelsea, prints from local artist Bob Million (current featured artist at Voodoo,) and $125 in services from the Dragontree Spa. Those items all sold and combined with the money from the cover charge we were able to rally over $7,500.00 for Donate Boulder and their kick-ass Mudslingers (. US Blues provided wicked apparel stamped with the Colorado Wake of the Flood logo to keep you and yours dressed for the cause.

Voodoo Hair Lounge - Flood BenefitWhile the bidding wars raged on, our fantastic lineup of performers held down the stage. The stellar acts included Paul Kimbiris, the Ben Hanna Band, Logo Ligi (local Ghanaian dance group,) the Goonies, and the late-night afterparty was held down by DJ David Devine. By the way, If you haven’t had the chance to check these performers out yet, you are doing your self a major disservice.  Avery Brewing sponsored the event and kept the beer flowing and the kind folks at Spirit Hound Distillers brought delicious White Russian cocktails, moonshine samples, and gin tasters. After all, you’ve gotta get up to get down.

Honestly, there really aren’t enough words to express the amazing hearts that came out to throw down and party with us for the cause. So much fun, so much money, and so much love was shared that night and we at Voodoo Hair Lounge are endlessly grateful to all that helped make the night a huge success. Yay you!

by James Turner