Unite Global Session 2016

Unite Global Session 2016

Creative Hairstyling at it’s Best

There are many reasons to choose hair products at the salon that you visit.  Especially at Voodoo where our expert styling team hand picks every product to bring out the best in your hair.  Not only because we choose product lines that align with the chemical and environmental concerns of us as a salon and you as a client, but also for the top-notch education. Each line can provide opportunities for your beloved stylist to keep their skills sharp and their style on trend. This was recently exemplified this October when Voodoo Hair Lounge was lucky enough to send seventeen members of our team to San Diego, California to experience Unite Global Session 2016; a bi-annual celebration of creative hair styling in all of it’s glory!  Unite has been a leader in the hair care industry for over a decade. They’ve supplied us with some of our best sellers like the 7seconds Detangler and Texturiza Spray, as well as always keeping us up-to-date with the latest beauty buzz.  


UNITE Global Session; What is it?

Unite brought some of the leading educators and 1,200 members of the UNITE family together from all over the world to the Balboa Theatre in San Diego to provide the cutting edge education that the Voodoo team and our clientele has come to expect. The demonstration provided highlights from Classic Barbering to out of this world Avante Garde creations to inspire our team. The hands on cutting and styling courses provided yet another chance for our stylists to further polish their skills. The two day Paramount Business intensive provided another level of interactive training for our administrative staff to better serve our stylists as well as our lovely clients.  UNITE Haircare Founder and CEO Andrew Dale even presented their newest launch, Doggy-Poo, which is a perfect addition to Boulder, Colorado. Doggy Poo is a shampoo for our furry friends available at Voodoo Hair Lounge this fall.

Amazing hair and continued education are the crux of what we stand by as a brand at Voodoo Hair Lounge.  We strive to always be providing clients with top trends and technical excellence, and the Unite team truly delivers with education in both departments.  We are so excited to bring our new skills and inspirations back to Boulder and our Voodoo family!


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