Mustaches and Man Glands

Mustaches and Man Glands

An Event


“The Fu Manchu, the Dali, the Horseshoe, the Imperial, the Lampshade, El Bandito, the Mistletoe, the Pyramid, the Toothbrush, the Wisp, the Abrakadabra, the Walrus, the Painter’s Brush, the Chevron, the Gable, the Reynolds, the Hook, the Rock Star, the Balbo, the Pencil, the Dandy, the Handlebar, the Box Car, the Connoisseur, the Professor, El Zorro, the Gunslinger, the Texan, the Oil Man…”

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Every mustache in every style was out in all of it’s glory at “Mustaches and Man Glands;”a pop-up barber shop hosted by Victors & Spoils where each “mouth-brow” was expertly manicured by Voodoo barbers to benefit the Movember Foundation USA.  One hundred percent of the proceeds were donated to the Movember Movement. This important foundation funds ground-breaking programs on a global level to provide resources and fund research to address the ever-growing men’s health crisis by using the power of the mustache!


Victors & Spoils partnered with Voodoo Hair Lounge and Movember USA to bring all of Boulder’s moustachioed brethren together in order to raise donations for men’s health and prostate cancer research on November 18th, 2016.  V&S is a community conscious open advertising agency that holds a reputation for fostering the collaboration of all creatives. They were kind enough to invite our very own barbering experts, Carlee Smith and Elle Majors, to shape up the community for the greatest of causes. The agency transformed their amazing space into a fully functioning barber shop complete with warm towels, craft beer, and some of the fanciest facial hair in town!  

voodoo hair lounge, boulder hair salon, victors and spoils, boulder, colorado, community, local boulder, movember foundation, mustaches

Voodoo is always honored to be involved with events that benefit the greater good, and with our male clientele at 30% and growing, this event could not have been a more perfect way for us to give back.  Stay tuned in “Mo”vember 2017 for another opportunity to get your ‘stache expertly crafted by Boulder’s favorite Hair Salon!