Q&A with Elle Majors, Master Barber and Men’s Grooming Expert

Q&A with Elle Majors, Master Barber and Men’s Grooming Expert

Today we are sitting down with Elle Majors, Master Barber and men’s grooming expert to ask her exactly what is so special about her own personal brand of hairdressing.


What do barbering and men’s grooming mean to you, and when did you decide to get into that foray?

Elle: It became my primary focus in 2005 when I became an educator for American Crew. The evolution of men’s grooming in the last 11 years has been expansive; styles change but barbering retains a classic element which I am most interested in. I’ve enjoyed focusing my specialty on men’s hairdressing.


What appeals to you the most about barbering?

Elle: In the past there has been a definitive lack of interest in barbering. The craft has made a comeback in the last few years, with more products coming out specifically aimed at men.


Speaking about the barbering scene, what sets Voodoo Hair Lounge apart from all of the other salons and barbershops in the Denver metro area?

Elle: I think what sets us apart is our attention to detail, and the fact that we are a hybrid of both cosmetology and barbering. All of us on the team are able to customize your service and give you something to leave with so you can maintain your cut and/or color over the next several weeks. Also the fact that we are so educated in product knowledge that we are able to prescribe the right product for any individual.


What are your go-to styling products from each line that we carry (Kevin Murphy and Unite)?

Elle: The Unite 7Seconds leave-in conditioner is great for everyone, but I like to use it on my male clients because I find that they don’t necessarily condition their hair and scalp enough. This product adds moisture and it is useful as well as a light styling aid and shine control. It also helps protect from the elements, which is essential in Colorado.

I love the Powder.Puff from Kevin Murphy. It creates a base for my clients, and it has the ability to style the hair as well as allow you to use less of another styling product. It’s not something traditionally thought of as a “male grooming product”, but I use it frequently on my clientele.


What makes the Kevin Murphy brand specifically stand out in the world of Men’s grooming?

Elle: It has an element of modern men’s grooming. At the same time their products promote classic grooming, different than the rest of the market. Their products are easy to use, and their line designed for short hair is quite extensive. They also take pride in where they source their ingredients. Their products are paraben, sulfate and cruelty free. Those are things we can all stand behind.




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Elle can be found on the floor at Voodoo Hair Lounge Wednesday-Friday, and at byshipshape.com