Voodoo Hair Lounge is the first salon in Boulder to join Green Circle Salons

Voodoo Hair Lounge is the first salon in Boulder to join Green Circle Salons

“Imagine if we all just believe and act on the things we know. If we’re honest about how our actions have consequences on people and the planet. Imagine then, the differences we can make together.”

-Green Circle Salons


Loyal Voodoo clients know that we are committed to our community, our planet, and the greater good.  In October last year we implemented a one dollar “eco fee” to some of our services for that very reason!

Voodoo Hair Lounge officially became Boulder, Colorado’s first environmentally sustainable salon through a program called Green Circle Salons.  GCS is a new company with a mission to make the North American Salon industry completely sustainable by 2020. In Colorado, we are leading the charge, having hosted an event whilst inviting 80 other local salons to join.  We are excited to offer our clientele the ability to make cleaner “greener” choices while providing the level of quality they have come to expect from us.

This new eco fee enables us to ship out most of the waste created during your appointment (even your hair) so that it can be recycled, re-purposed, or disposed of properly.  Green Circle Salons now gives us the ability to recycle up to 95% of salon waste!  Gone are the days of simply throwing out hair clippings or washing hair color down the drain. Your hair can now be used to create oil booms while foils are recycled and chemicals are disposed of properly.

These “hair booms” were instrumental in cleaning up 2010’s massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill; human and pet hair was made into absorbent reusable mats as an example of re-purposing at it’s best!  GCS also uses licensed chemical waste handlers to collect and responsibly manage all expired, unused or excess color waste collected from salons.  These chemicals are first put through a centrifuge to separate and reclaim the water content which can then be treated and reused.  The remaining solids are used in fuel blending to create industrial oil, or diverted to a landfill designated specifically for hazardous waste; meaning it doesn’t end up in our water!

Our waste bins are strategically placed to make the recycling process as effortless as throwing out the trash. It only takes a few extra steps throughout the day for our stylists to make sure that the items are recycled. None of your $1 contribution is kept by Voodoo Hair Lounge, instead, it is passed through to Green Circle to administer this amazing program.

We sincerely appreciate our patron’s support of this program that is so near and dear to our hearts (and Mother Earth’s heart as well).  We are excited to be Colorado’s first sustainable salon and to hopefully encourage other beauty destinations to join this incredible initiative.


“Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” -Stewart Udall


For more information please visit:  https://ontario.greencirclesalons.ca/Our-Philosophy