Colorado curl survival guide

Colorado curl survival guide

Attention curly clients! Spring is here, which means the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and frizz is…’frizzing’? Say it ain’t so! Springtime normally means elevated moisture levels and humidity in the air, which can spell B-A-D news for your natural curls. While it may not get as wet as other places (after all,this is Colorado we’re talking about) we still experience our fair share of spikes in humidity. In order to combat this unwelcome frizz-fest, we’ve put together some tips for keeping your curly hair in line this spring.

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Curly hair is naturally dry, like a sponge misses water, like the deserts miss the rain… you get the picture. So those with curly hair should first and foremost moisturize from the inside in order to avoid absorbing moisture from the outside, which will then form frizz. A fantastic moisturizing regimen should always start in your shower. Make sure to steer clear of sulfates and silicone-based products, as they will inhibit absorption of moisture. We recommend the Hydrate Me line from Kevin Murphy for a deep conditioning effect that coiled hair craves.

2. Reconsider your routine

Brush bristles can create frizz and disrupt curl formation. Try using a wide-tooth comb, or even just your fingers, to tousle curls. If your hair is particularly sensitive to touch, don’t use a traditional plastic diffuser. The Devafuser from Deva Curl is gentler on curls, and creates a 360- degree airflow which will dry your hair faster. If you always towel dry your hair consider switching to a microfiber towel, which is gentler on the cuticle.

3. Use the right styling products

Now, more than ever before, there are more professional beauty products aimed at clients with curly hair. This means more choices and more say in what your hair could look like. BOING! From Unite is a fantastic curl crème that promotes soft hold and bounce. Killer Curls from Kevin Murphy  acts as a force-field between your hair and a rainy day. The Supercream Coconut styling cream from Deva Curl is great for super curly hair that needs mega-moisture.

4. Try a dry haircut

Cutting curly hair dry will allow your stylist to see the curl’s natural formation and flow. That way your stylist can see every unique curl and then make any adjustments based on volume, texture and pattern. Getting regular trims in between your regular haircut can help to stave off any parched split ends.

5. Try the Deva cut!

If the Deva method is something you desire, you’re in luck! we now have 5 Deva-certified stylists at Voodoo; Hannah, Rigpa, Ann, Bailie and Alli offer the dry cutting technique for curly clients. During your appointment, they will offer customized education on exactly what you need to keep your unique head of curls healthy and beautiful.


We hope these top tips will help keep your curls in line this spring!