Tips & Tricks Tuesday: The Art of the Consultation

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: The Art of the Consultation

A sign of a great hairstylist is one that will listen to you. One that you can form a bond with. One that you can trust. We all know it can be a bit daunting trying to find the right stylist for you. You may think, “Where, oh where is this mystery super man/super woman that will make my hair dreams come true?” Taking the time to find your hair savior can be tasking, but meeting a new stylist does not have to be scary! We are here to help you find your way in the hair world. We’ve got your back…er, hair!

The consultation is first point of contact with your potential new stylist. It is a way for both of you to converse about what you are looking for when it comes to your lifestyle, fashion, maintenance, budget and other factors. Again, this does not have to be intimidating or scary. We’ve put together some tips in order to ensure a pleasant and successful consultation.

 1. Do your research.

Before even booking your consultation appointment, be sure to check out the stylist’s social media pages that might contain examples of their work; you will be able to see examples of beautiful hair, and you might even gather some inspiration for your own look. Also take note of what professional products they offer, as well as other helpful things like salon opening/closing times, pricing, etc. Lastly, always feel free to call the front desk and ask for a recommendation of who they think would be a great fit for you.

2. Be prepared to answer some questions!

Your new stylist will be ready to ask you about your hair history, and other questions about your lifestyle in order to gauge what they need to do for your appointment. As always, honesty is key. If you color your hair at home, we need to hear about it! If you prefer a certain product, or if you have any allergies, we need to hear about it! Most importantly, and for your safety and health, we need to know if you have previously had any chemical services done (such as a perm, relaxer, or keratin treatment). Chemical treatments could clash with hair color ingredients to form disastrous consequences. Don’t be shy, and think of your hair consultation almost like a doctor’s appointment (but more fabulous, of course); if you are upfront about everything in your hair history, we will be able to prescribe your “hair-apy” with greater results.

3. Bring inspiration photos.

Face it, we know you spend hours scrolling away on Instagram and Pinterest looking at gorgeous hair colors and haircuts. Why not bring them in and share them with your stylist? They will be able to better gauge your style from the photos, as well as open up a line of communication about what you are looking for.

4. Trust your stylist.

You want to be sure that your stylist is “the one”, don’t you? The one that will be your hair guru, to make you look and feel as fabulous as you most certainly are. Then you have to take the plunge and trust your stylist.  Know that you are in good hands, and they want you to be happy with your hair.  Don’t forget, we are professionals and we will be honest with you as well! Lastly, make sure it’s a great fit for each of you in order to solidify a lasting alliance built on trust.


Remember, we are always here to help you find your perfect Boulder hairstylist. Just drop us a line, give us a call, send a carrier pigeon…you get the picture!