Q & A with Kate Lofton

Q & A with Kate Lofton

Welcome to Kate, our newest stylist! Kate is a master stylist and colorist, and a longtime friend to Voodoo. We are so thrilled to have her wicked talent and wonderful humor in the salon. Get to know Kate with some of these funky questions we asked her…

Voodoo: Show us some love for your home town! Where did you grow up?

Kate: Sunny, San Diego

VHL: Let’s get weird for a second; What’s the strangest talent you have?

K: Finding humor in all situations and I can pop my toes!


VHL: We have to ask (I mean, it’s a really important question) What’s your favorite hair/fashion era?

K: Is it boring to say now? I really like that pretty dimensional hair is in


VHL: What is your favorite Unite and/or Kevin Murphy product?

K: UNITE 7 seconds leave-in conditioner and KM Smooth Again


VHL: At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

K: Home Depot and Sephora. I’m equal parts tomboy and girly girl!


VHL: We can tell that you really love what you do… Tell us, why did you get into hair?

K: I knew I would love making people feel beautiful and I love meeting new people.


VHL: What is your favorite thing about Boulder (so far)?

K: How welcoming and diverse it is.


VHL: What out-of-date trend are you hoping comes back in style?

K: Big ol’ panels of color (chunky highlights)!


Kate is accepting new clients! To book with Kate, please call us at (303) 449-4453 and one of our front desk concierge team members will help you.