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I strive to live without hate or judgment in my heart, instead acceptance and patience even with things I may not understand. I feel in any relationship if we can let our guard down and communicate honestly, true and lasting relationships can transpire. The fire that guides me towards knowledge, growth and meaningful connection is bright and enduring. Environmental issues are always on the forefront of my mind as I strive to be a global citizen. To have the ability to profoundly affect the way someone feels about themselves in a positive way is a gift and not something I will ever take lightly.


Having a career in which I could forever stretch and grow creatively seemed obvious even quite young to me. I grew up in the sunshine State and started cosmetology school at age 17. I started an apprenticeship in my first salon and had extensive training with Tony and guy for haircutting and Swarzkopf for coloring. Event styling and make up always seem to come pretty easy in the beginning as an artist, and later extensions became a great love of mine, as I trained with Short-to-Long. Over the years I’ve had some great influences such as Paul Mitchell, Aveda and many individual platform artists. I owe many thanks to all of these people as they helped shape the hairstylist and woman I am today. I have immense gratitude for the career that I have, every person I’ve met through it and doors that have open and closed, leading me to where I am today. As far as the future goes, I’ve never dream so big! Although I’m not entirely sure what that means for me yet, for now, I will finish my MCE with Wella at Wella Studios LA in the end of February 2017. You’ll have to stay tune for what happens after that!