Formal Styles


I believe that you have to have balance in all areas of your life. I may be a passionate hair stylist, I am also a passionate rock climber, adventurer, traveler, music lover, life partner and mother. These are the things that shape me into a whole person and give me the ability to connect to people I meet, my friends, and my family.


Having worked behind the chair for almost two decades. Being a hairstylist is not what I do, but who I am. My years of continuing education and working with an intentionally diverse clientele has delivered me to a point in my career where I have the resource adapt, learn, and execute my craft with ease for almost any of my clients. I am fortunate at this time to be a part of mentoring new stylists in the assistant program for Voodoo. Passing on my knowledge and experience to another stylist is something I feel very passionate for. Starting my own career off as an assistant, I feel gave me the skills and experience to shape such a long and successful career.

Cassandra a passionate stylist with over 2 decades of experience.