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I value real conversations, honest interactions and relationships that go deeper than surface level. I am approachable. I am an open book. I believe in the good in the world and I am in constant pursuit of finding the joys that life has to offer. I witness all these things with a clear mind and I have obtained all that I have because of healthy life choices, hard lessons learned and dedication. I am captivated by diversity and collecting new perspectives. My mission is to give; through my time and undivided attention while continuing to stay true to myself. Learning excites me and teaching fulfills me.


My hair journey began in 2008 when I enrolled at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, MN. I graduated and began working at a salon in St. Paul when doors started to open for me that helped me grow my business and my passion for the beauty industry. What keeps me motivated are the interesting assortment of people I get to meet on a daily basis and the looks of excitement I see on my guests’ face after their time in my chair. My goal here in Boulder is to continue to build great and solid relationships that will stand as firm foundation for me and my business at Voodoo Hair Lounge.