Womens Services




Ask Voodoo’s long term clients why they first stepped foot in Boulder’s favorite hair salon, and they may tell you about our exceptional styling skills, unyielding professionalism, and limitless talent behind the chair.   Ask them why they keep coming back and they will most likely explain that they have become part of the Voodoo family!  Excelling at our craft is a given; stylists continually participate in monthly education, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds (each one impressive and extensive). What sets us apart is our own special brand of client care.  We are eager to earn your trust, and welcome you to the family!

*A 2013 survey found that a woman’s relationship with her hairstylist is likely to last longer than the average marriage!  We all know finding a hairstylist that you can trust (who totally “gets” your style) is not a bond you can give up easily.  For the ladies who are still “playing the field” when it comes to their hair, allow us to play matchmaker! Our stylists participate in continuous education and come from extensive backgrounds in all aspects of hair.  Call us today and let one of our Salon Coordinators find the perfect stylist for you, or check out our team page  to find your match! All prices below are “starting” prices and may vary based on the services provided and length/thickness of the hair.*


Women’s Services & Cost

  • Haircuts $60+
  • Deva Curl Haircuts $80+
  • *Bang Trims / Neck Clean Up’s $15
  • Shampoo & Style $40+
  • Formal Style $75+
  • Root Touch Up $70+
  • All Over Color $80+
  • Partial Highlight $90+
  • Full Highlight $130+
  • Balayage (freehanded) Highlights $130+
  • Keratin Complex, Smoothing $100+


*complimentary between haircut services.