Our commitment to our customer is simple; fashion forward style, mastery of the latest hair trends and techniques, superior customer service, and a personal dedication to excellence. In order for us to continue our excellence we must commit to pushing our creative boundaries. What that means for us is continuing our education and capturing our talent on camera. This is where you come in.

Q. Are models compensated?

A. If you are a model for our In-house education, compensation usually comes in the form of your complimentary hair cut or color, unless stated otherwise. Anyone modeling for a Voodoo Hair Lounge photo shoot will be compensate by the cut/color and the end resulting photos. For specific large events models will be compensated – we will advise you per event what the compensation will be.

Q. Will all the haircuts/hair colors look the same?

A. We teach techniques, not haircuts or specific hair colors. Even if you are booked for a specific type of service, such as a graduated bob, it will be tailored specifically to you, your look, and your lifestyle.

Q. Who will be working with my hair?

A. All of the stylists who attend our classes are professional, licensed stylists with a minimum of 5 years of salon experience. These stylists are all members of the Voodoo Hair Lounge style team and their work always reflects the standards of the company. These experienced stylists are receiving advanced training in the most current cutting, coloring, and styling techniques during these workshops.You will absolutely receive a style that is modern and trendy.

Q. If I’m modeling for a photo shoot, will I have access to the photos from the shoot afterward?

A.Yes! All of our photos, while property of Voodoo Hair Lounge, will be available for you to use in your portfolios after editing. We request your email address so we can a. contact you with any information pertaining to the shoot, and b. send you any and all relevant photos.

Q. What should I wear to the class/photo shoot/event?

A. We require all models to come in with clean dry hair, fresh natural makeup, and black attire (unless otherwise instructed.)While we typically don’t need you dressed in formal attire, please keep in mind that you will be working with professionals in a professional environment and style yourself accordingly.

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