Formal Styles


I am a self-described old soul who loves to laugh, participate in deep conversation, and surround myself with good company. My favorite things (beside hair) are happy dogs, tattoos and Colorado sunshine. My friends describe me as reserved (at first), but with a big, earnest heart that I wear on my sleeve. As a pisces, I feel others’ feelings as my own; a true empath. I am always looking for new friendships and meaningful experiences.

*Rachel is a level 5 colorist, and a level 3 hairstylist


My name is Rachel, I’m a Colorado native who grew up in a small suburb with my twin sister, mom & dad. I spent most of my childhood covered in mud (literally and figuratively). The day I took my first step was the day I was put on a horse. Horseback riding became a huge part of my life. I worked hard and over the years I developed the skills to become a trainer. The barn was my sanctuary for 14 years. Along with having a passion for horses, dogs, pigs, sheep (you name it), I developed a passion for hair. When my sister and I would prep horses for shows, we would brush the tangles out of horse tails for hours! I’d like to think that had something to do with my natural talent for hair. My dad begged me to become anything but a hairdresser, but since he raised a stubborn daughter, he knew I had my mind set on being one.So I did and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Styling and coloring hair has now become my sanctuary. I describe myself as a “Blondeologist”; I study and obsess over balayage and blonding. I find excitement in formulating color, mixing it, and applying it in creative ways to create beautiful, natural, effortless hair with undone, textured cutting techniques. I find a lot of inspiration on pinterest and social media. I have high hopes of becoming “Instagram famous”, so I’m probably going to ask to take your photo. I also hope to inspire others with my work and teach my own series of color classes glocally, locally and in the most beautiful state. P.S. If you just moved here, I’m not mad! The secret’s out, Colorado is just too beautiful to not live here!

My biggest dream is to travel to Ireland and explore/drink my way through Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. (My biggest fear is spiders, in case you were wondering) Unitil I can make it to Ireland, I’ll be in the salon painting away. I’m so fortunate to be blessed with this career and amazing clients to share it with.

Rachel a fun loving free spirit stylist