Deva Curls


Our craft is a reflection, an extension of who we are. Integrity is our ground, the root and structure upon which all should, and could be built. Baring our discomforts to ever broaden our boundaries and capacities, thus our capabilities…I am inspired AND inspire others to do so. Simplicity and wholeness is our result, as is the manifestation of qualitative and authentic, creative expression…



Rigpa has been practicing the art of mindful hair styling for almost 20 years and continuously grows that practice through ongoing education. A graduate of Naropa University, Landmark Education, and The Boulder school of Energy studies, she is influenced personally and professionally and has been provided with a unique perspective to how she approaches hair. Along with hairstyling, Rigpa is a practitioner of polarity therapy and the Organ Energy Systems. Outside of the salon, she spends much time in nature and on retreats, continues to study and practice conscious living as well as parenting and has a small practice where she brings this work to other individuals.

Her approach to hair reflects her holistic and natural lifestyle and she considers her craft to be an extension of those values. Her hair philosophy focuses on simplicity and enhancing the hair’s natural state of being. She believes that by designing and styling along with the hair’s natural structure and essence, that a more sustainable style can be achieved for both lifestyle and personal tastes. The result is enhancing and loving what one naturally has…… Rigpa specializes in short and long, textured, and curly hair types. She emphasizes finger styling along with no-heat styling. She uses Oway organic hair color and Wella hair color. Rigpa also has 5 years experience in deadlocks and specializes in dreadlock maintenance, repairs, felting and styling (creative styles for events etc.)

Rigpa Lijoi: Conscious living meets hair