“Hair is your most important accessory” —Steve Hightower

To quote someone who is obviously brilliant, and we couldn’t agree more! Your hair is your most powerful form of self expression, your identity, your definition, and our stylists would be honored to be a part of finding your own inner brand. With skills ranging from classic techniques to the latest trends, your vision and style are almost limitless once you become a client at Voodoo Hair Lounge.




This service includes a brief-yet enlightening consultation, stellar cutting with experienced shears, and a style to write home about.


The Deva Cutting Technique is the trademarked method of cutting curly hair created by Lorraine Massey designed specifically for curly haired girls. No more lamp shade shapes or tragic length loss for you! No ma’am—not on our watch. This cut keeps the bounce in both your step and your curls while incorporating the famous Deva Curl 3-Step process.


Exactly like it sounds.

*complimentary between haircut services.


An illuminating hair wash artfully paired with a nice, fresh style. The name pretty much says it all.

*Any hot tool usage (curls, flat ironing, etc.) is a $10 add-on


For the gal in need of a fancier style that’s a bit more involved. Wear it up, wear it down, wear it however ya damn well please.

ALL OVER COLOR – Women $80+

This is for the guy or gal that wants a solid-yet-awesome hair color. Rich in tone and pure at heart, this service will get you where you need to be.


Get back to your roots with this in-between service. It’s not all over but it’s just enough to get you through.


A double process basically means that we have to a) lighten your hair and then do another color on top, or b) you want an all over color and highlights. So, if you want the best of both worlds this is the color service for you.

SPOTLIGHTS – $5 per foil

15 or fewer foils added onto another color service. A few extra highlights for those minimalists out there who just need a little something extra on the side or simply have a fear of commitment. It’s like casual dating for your hair.


Want a little dimension in your hair but aren’t quite sure what to ask for when booking? This service is for you. Expertly woven highlights or lowlights that cover the crown area of your head and pieces framing your face (i.e. part of your head, i.e. partial.) Savvy?


Exactly like the partial but all over your head.


OMBRE – $130+

adj. 1. A French term meaning “shaded.” Usually with colors graduating from light to dark and vice versa. This term is most recently applied to the popular hair trend seen on Pinterest, Lauren Conrad, and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” This is very different from the Spanish word “hombre,” a term for man or fellow. Learn the difference and look great doing it here at Voodoo Hair Lounge.

BALAYAGE (freehanded) HIGHLIGHTS – Partial $130+Full $160+

This is some serious, top shelf, premium, ultra-smooth highlighting folks. All done by hand and worth every penny. These bad boys grow out more naturally and look absolutely stunning.

**OLAPLEX – $30

A miracle treatment that allows your stylist to push the boundaries of your hair color dreams without compromising the integrity of your hair.

**COLOR ID – $15 add-on

A truly revolutionary product, Wella’s Color ID helps prevent the bleeding of balayage highlights and freehanded ombre. No one likes a bleeder and neither should you.

***MULTI-DIMENSIONS – $20 for each additional color

Do you want all the dimensions and do you want them now? Well, good news! You too can transcend space, time, and every damn dimension you please. All you have to do is ask!


Think of corrective color as a form of hair surgery. Any good surgeon would recommend a consultation before proceeding and our hair gurus here are no different. To receive any form of corrective color you must first book a consultation appointment. These are complimentary but essential for ensuring that the right measures are taken to keep you hair at its healthiest.


This highly intense service packs a powerful punch to the dreaded frizz. That’s right frizz, we are coming for YOU! The Keratin Complex services infuse natural keratin deep into the hair’s cuticles to eliminate frizz and increase smoothness so you can spend those morning hours of frizz battle doing something less awful.



This is the shorter, unique, one hour service that gives the hair a smoother and silkier texture for up to six weeks. Hair can be washed after just eight hours.

FULL KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT – $250+ for hair above the shoulders$350+ for hair below the shoulders

This is the full-on treatment that takes a bit more time (up to 3 hours) but also lasts a good deal longer as well. Please be aware that there is a 72-hr, no-wash waiting period post treatment so schedule accordingly.

DREADLOCKS – $85+/hour

A 15 minute consultation is required prior to booking your dreadlock appointment. The consultation fee is $15, which will then be applied to your future appointment. Clients who do not make their consultation will forfeit the consultation fee.


HAIR EXTENSIONS – $100+/hour

We currently only offer tape-in extensions.