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Integrity and transparency are at the core of our value structure here at Voodoo Hair Lounge. In that spirit we’d like to present our pricing matrix in as much detail as possible. We charge based on time and experience. What that means is; If you have a short simple style that doesn’t require extra time for detailed cutting or to blow dry, your cost will be less than if you have a longer or more intricate style that requires extra TLC. Get it, Pretty simple right? Conversely, If you are booked with a master stylist who has poured decades of heart, soul and training into their craft, they will be more expensive than a newer stylist still on the path to becoming a master. These guidelines are free of gender and simplified for clarity. Time and experience are all that matters, what could be more fair? If you are unsure where you might fall in this system, we have an expertly trained salon concierge staff that is happy to guide you through the process.

  Hair Cuts are Gender Neutral and so are all the services provided at VooDoo Hair Lounge  


We offer 3 levels as follows:

The Classic: An above the ears cut where we will fade, blend and sculpt your doo into a groomed and stylish masterpiece of short hair perfection. This service always includes a wash and style. Time is booked from 45-60 minutes based on your stylist’s time table. If you have a complex or elaborate coif, this is not for you. Please see the next section!

The Standard: From pixie to long luscious layers, this is your choice. We will take extra time to snip and design face framing fringe or the perfect razor texture needed to complete your look. This category has a wide range of styles and encompasses everything from short detailed precision cutting, to mid length bobs, to long layers with a luxurious blow out. Our most common category! Time is booked from 60-75 minutes based on your stylist’s time table.

The Extra Time: Although we always offer complimentary consultations, this category is designed to give you and your stylist the time to conjure up a life transforming cut. Are you cutting a foot off and changing the shape completely? To do it right, these things take time and care. We want to give you our undivided attention so that you walk out feeling like a million bucks. This category is also for extra-long and or thick hair… You know who you are! Please let us know during booking so we can set enough time aside to give Rapunzel the attention she deserves. This service always includes a blow out and is booked from 75-90 minutes based on your stylist’s time table. Specialty Curly Cuts also fit into this category. Only some of our staff is trained in this technique so please let us know at booking.



Hair Color: We know all the tricks and can do most anything with enough time and expert attention, and we try to be as transparent in our pricing as possible. For instance; We charge only for the exact amount of color product your hair requires on the day of your service.

Highlights, Balayage, Foliage lightening services: We love Blonde’s just like everyone else, so anytime we pick up the bleach, our #1 goal is keeping the integrity of your lushes locks. This directive is so important to us that we typically use bond builders to strengthen your hair and toners to… well tone, to the perfect ash or gold and every shade in between. No Blonde jokes here, just envy and admiration.

Craft/Fashion Colors: Pink, Silver, even Rainbow hair regularly gets done up here at Voodoo. A consultation is absolutely required to see what is possible as well as walk you through the demanding maintenance that you can expect with a Technicolor doo of this sort. Priced by the hour.

Double process colors are ala carte’. Simply add two services together to get the price. Partial highlight price + roots only price = $