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19 Aug 2022
Woman with Stylized Bob

Finding Your Flow with Voodoo Hair Lounge:

“Now water can flow, or it can crash; be like water my friends” -Bruce Lee


With the height of the summer and the heat waves that tag along, being like water sounds all too enticing. The concept of refreshing yourself, your style, or finding a new flow entirely, doesn’t have to wait until the transformation of fall.


The heat can bring up so much stagnant energy, and here at Voodoo we want to help you enhance movement in your lifestyle. Whether that be amplifying your classic look, discovering a new one, or even adding some hydration and vitality to those locks. Being a space that cultivates vision and flow-state for the artists that reside here, the Voodoo fam is enthusiastic about helping you make waves with your look.

And so, we invite you to choose-will you find your flow? Or will you crash in with a bold new look?


Light & Love,
The Voodoo Fam