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05 Apr 2021
Woman with Stylized Bob

Natalie Brey’s Art on Display

See her amazing work at our Salon


Voodoo is happy to announce that new art has arrived in the building! Natalie Brey’s colorful works are now on display at the salon, decorating our space with enchanting landscapes and vivid abstract pieces.


At Voodoo we strive to support local artists through the exhibition of their work, and by giving clientele the opportunity to purchase any original pieces and prints with all proceeds going directly to the artist.


Natalie describes her art as a chronicle. “Every piece I create tells a story; each one is a new chapter comparable to a writer’s novel. I compile the mood of each piece to express the exploration of my deepest desires, vulnerability and angst while allowing them to work together in a contradictory yet balanced composition. The final work portrays a congruent symmetry of such expressions,” Brey explains.


To see Natalie’s work, visit her Instagram and check out her art in person next time you’re in!