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11 Apr 2021
Ways to Promote Change Spring 2021 Banner

Ways to Promote Change this Spring

Clean, Organize, Re-decorate!


Spring is officially here and boy, are we glad! There’s a special feel to Boulder this time of year. Life returns to the streets with backdrops of green mountains and the vibrant songs of birds. Cheer abounds and Boulderites are even happier and friendlier than normal.


The great thing about spring (besides the weather) is the signaling of change. It’s all about ridding ourselves of stagnant energy and welcoming in the new.


It’s an exciting time at Voodoo as our books quickly fill with clients who are ready to embrace transformation and renewal! If you are too, don’t miss your chance to book and either spruce up your look or do something bold like chop off loads of hair or dye your maine a bright color. Either way, our stylists are here to support you and your needs!


While you can honor spring by altering your hair, there are many methods to promote change this season that can be fun and personalized to your liking.


Here’s a list of ways in which you can reinvent during spring of 2021:


•Clean out your wardrobe & bring it into one of our local thrift stores. Either cash out on your goods or trade for garments that’ll make you feel like new. Some Boulder thrift stores include: Plato’s Closet, Rags Consignments, and Apocalypse.

•Re-decorate your home. This can be as simple as moving furniture around to change things up. Try some basic feng shui tips to better the energy flow.

•Get rid of the clutter on your phone. Delete unwanted apps, photos, contacts, and emails. This can feel surprisingly good.

•Lastly: try out some new recipes. Get creative and cook up something you’ve never made before. Check out this extensive list of recipes from The Boulder Locavore.


We wish you a happy and abundant spring here at Voodoo and hope you’ll come in and see us soon!