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09 May 2021

Indulge Your Hair this Taurus Season

Welcome to Taurus season, y’all!

Here at Voodoo we love Taurus season; 1) because our owner Jesse happens to be a Taurus (Happy birthday, Jesse!) and 2) because it’s the ultimate time to embellish in self-care.


Taurus is known as the sign of hard work, indulgence, materialism, and luxury. It’s ruled by the planet Venus (planet of love, sensuality, beauty, romance, and money).


Taurus season is a wonderful time to tune back into yourself, get your money right, feel beautiful, fall in love (with yourself and others), and splurge!


Celebrate Taurus season by tending to our favorite form of self care: getting your hair done.

Whether it’s coming in for a shampoo blow-dry on a day where you just want to feel good, or creating a Taurean vibe like long, wavy Venusian locks or decadent rich, warm tones--we’ve got your hair needs covered!

Book here and enjoy this amorous season.

Also, check out your horoscope for Taurus season here.

  Birth of Venus Painting