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07 Feb 2021
Attention all curly haired beauties!

Hair Commandments to Live By

Put the coconut oil down!

The road to happy, healthy hair is paved with some essential rules. We asked some of our stylists to chime in on their top commandments for great hair (and a better experience at the salon).


Here are our 10 hair commandments:


1. Health is everything. (Don’t forget to take your vitamins & supplements, as well as make time for self-care etc.)


2. Thou shalt not use heat without a heat protectant.


3. Thou shalt not use coconut oil. (Despite popular belief, coconut oil has the potential to dry out your hair, since oil works as a barrier, preventing water and moisturizing products from entering the hair).


4. Hair shall be clean-ish when coming to the salon (It doesn’t have to be washed day-of or squeaky-clean, but your stylist will appreciate running their hands through recently-washed hair).


5. Thou shall use professional products!


6. Thou shall brush from top to bottom.


7. Thou shalt not place glasses on top of thy head (they easily get caught and cause breakage).


8. Thou shalt not put hair in a hairband whilst wet (will cause breakage).


9. Remember to pre-book your next appointment! (Don’t miss out on getting in).


10. Thou shall not cut your own bangs (ever).


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